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I'm Bonnie Bennett. Mystical Witch and Residence of Mystic Falls. Protecting people I love and those whom need it.
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I've moved onto this new Bonnie blog for now. (x)


I felt like making a new fresh start for her— I’m NOT deleting this blog and it will still be somewhat active, but I may switch the URL’s one day.
The new Blog is much more organized for me and it helped me bring my muse for her back! If we have a plot together it will still go on in the other blog.

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If you wonder about the spell I’m under

It’s your Love. 

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Just an ordinary day.


She nodded her head, completely understanding what she meant, Cassie was once the new girl too, but she didn’t have much of a choice on where she would be living, and Chance Harbor was certainly not on the top of her list. When they made direct contact it startled her a bit of the invisible sparks, not like one of those static ones but something more.. supernatural. She made the same look on Bonnie’s face and her eyebrows raised. “Are you what I think you are?” She said excitingly. 


It took Bonnie a few seconds to finally pull away. With her other hand, she rubbed where the Supernatural sensation still lingered from the touch. Her lips grew into a semi-smile. “Yeah— I am.” She said, as a small laugh escaped her lips, obviously pleased with this. “Wow— I.. .. wow. I didn’t know there were more witches here—” she said. “I’m— at a loss for words.” And it was true, she was. She’d only met Faye and Diana before, she didn’t assume there would be more witches in Chance Harbor. There usually never were any other witches where Bonnie lived, so she honestly couldn’t contain her smile.

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I’m having Beremy feels from the new TVD clip~~!

I’m just gonna stay over here.



Gonna take a wild guess here and say no where near as freaked out as I am.

Probably not— did Klaus do this? Another witch—?

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Hey, things have been pretty good so far. As weird as it sounds, I hadn’t seen him as much as you’d think, because of our work schedules. [shrugs] ..How are you?


I’ve been good. Shane’s been helpful with some things— so I’ve got my magic under control.
Well.. if you’re keeping busy.. then that’s good.

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